Quizscript Entry Page

Enter the quizscript source into the text area and press submit. This page will be replaced by a page presenting the specified quiz. You can take the quiz or save the page (as html source) for later use.

Read a short summary of the Quizscript system; try out a collection of exercises generated using Quizscript; consult the table below for a summary of the notation. If you have any questions contact us at cwadge@uvic.ca (Christine Wadge, French Department) or wwadge@uvic.ca (Bill Wadge, Computer Science Department) here at the University of Victoria.

Quizscript notation summary

What you want What you write Result
Fill-in-the-blank questions Il a perdu =ses clés. Il a perdu 1 clés.
(Typing "?" into the blank will reveal the answer)
A clue in form of a word which lights up on mouse over *Pierre* a perdu ses clés. Pierre a perdu ses clés.
A pop up hint associated with a word or phrase le repas est (délicieux|delicious). le repas est  delicious  délicieux.
Multiple choice questions from a particular list Il a perdu [son_clé @ses_clés]. Il a perdu
son clé
ses clés
Specify a list of choices for multiple questions to be used through out the quiz .c mon ma mes
.c1 son sa ses
A multiple choice question from the global list. J'ai perdu #mes clés.
Il a perdu 1#ses clés.
J'ai perdu
Il a perdu